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The Who:

Are you an active or busy human? Have you ever dropped your phone? Whether you're flying down a mountain, sprinting to class or carrying heaps of laundry (beer*), your phone can now keep up with your hand - and that's a really good thing.

Do you text in bed? Take selfies from flattering angles? Now your phone won’t come crashing down on your face. Take control of your phone - don't let it wear the pants, you wear the pants. Plus your professors won’t think you're being abused at the house anymore.

There are countless examples of how GettaGrip improves your life and we're discovering more and more every day.  If you're interested in getting involved in the movement on the ground floor, keep reading!

The What:

As a GettaGrip Student Ambassador, you are truly an extension of our brand on your campus.  You are a social, go-getting, phone athlete who cannot stand broken screens and is sick and tired of preparing for heartbreak and praying to Steve Jobs every time your iPhone challenges gravity. You are the embodiment of phone protection and drop prevention, enlightening fellow students of the limitations of their current phone case and the limitless possibilities of GettaGrip.

The How:

Our Student Ambassadors are phone case revolutionaries and GettaGrip evangelists on their respective campuses. They eat, sleep and breathe GettaGrip. Their responsibilities are simple – send photos/videos of our cases in action, discover new ways in which the case benefits humanity, and find creative and radical ways to get your peers, professors and parents stoked on GettaGrip.  

The Why:

This is not supposed to be a job, it’s a lifestyle that pays. Need an excuse to approach that freshman Instagram model? Here ya go! Who knows, a free phone case goes a long way these days – plus you could make some serious cash if their post with your promo code is a hit. Besides money and friends, our ambassadors gain real world experiences in marketing and business all while exercising their entrepreneurial muscles.

If chosen, you will receive:

·         A monthly stipend

·         Product and personalized discount codes (15% of gross sales from your discount code goes directly       into your pocket). PS nobody else offers this!

·         Swag – cases, lightening cables, shirts, hats, beer cups, etc.

·         Bonus cases for each photo or video posted on any of our social media platforms

·         A job? We’re always looking to add talent to our team, and if we love your work, work ethic and               personality, we’d love to get you in on the ground floor of our growing business!

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Please contact for any questions about joining the GettaGrip Team!