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Customer Testimonials

Used to drop my phone all the time, now I don’t. This band is revolutionary, best phone case on the market by far. #gettagrip
— Christopher D.

Great for runners who like listening to music on long runs.
— Julie A.

It’s completely changed the way I use my phone . . .
and not just for selfies.
— Douglas B.

Clean design and great construction. Can’t live without it.
— Woody R.

Coach tested, mother approved.
— Corey J.

This case is changing how I use my phone, it’s great for using my navigation apps, I just put my phone around my steering wheel and then I don’t have to hassle with using phone mounts, also I was on an airplane with mobile device entertainment and I simply put my gettagrip around my water bottle and used it as a stand!!!
GettaGrip is awesome!
— Ross O.

Awesome product! Cool designs and even better functionality.
Great idea for Christmas gifts!
— Grant R.

I have not dropped or scratched my phone since using this case.
I Love it!
— Anne D.