Grip2ü BOOST - Rosewood for iPhone 8+


Grip2ü BOOST - Rosewood for iPhone 8+


Grip2ü BOOST - for iPhone 8+


  • Ultra-slim design highlights mobility and function
  • MIL-SPEC rated dual-layer shock absorbing system
  • Cambered back channel maximizes efficient access to band
  • Full access to all buttons, ports and controls

Other available colors: Charcoal and Clear

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BOOST Control, BOOST Capability.

Controlling your iPhone can be daunting, but with Grip2ü's BOOST case you can take on whatever life throws at you without worrying about a costly drop.  Made using a unique dual-shot molding process, our engineers were able to fuse a soft and forgiving inner layer of TPU with a rugged and protective outer layer of Polycarbonate, resulting in an ultra slim and hyper strong masterpiece.   You take your phone everywhere, now you don’t have to be afraid to use it!